25 years of

Organizational Transformation:

Why do some organizations continue to grow and re-invent themselves while others falter? What is the secret to success?

Continuous “Transformation” keeps you ahead of the competition rather than chasing it. Our approach is unique in that we co-create core values, vision, purpose, mission, goals, behaviors, competencies and strategy that drive the shift in mindsets, attitudes and behaviors. We provide a process versus an event that avoids the ‘flavor of the month’ distaste - there is a cadence to it that includes accountability for change.


Organizational Strategy:

Why do some company strategies get put in a 3 ring binder and on a shelf as soon as they are completed? How do others roll off the tongue and leave everyone in constant pursuit of them?

Our approach involves an alignment process with the leaders, where strategy is built through sweat equity, where it is written, devised, and implemented in a manner that allows everyone from frontline employees to stakeholders to grasp it and own it.


Organizational Structure:

How do some organizations manage to get the right people in the right seats at the right time whilst others seem to be going in circles, unable to manage and retain their key players?

Our approach involves discovery, dialogue and co-creation of a structure and processes that support the Strategy and Culture, aligning the needs of the company around ‘talent’ by finding it, unleashing it, and keeping it as a key element of organizational design. Some companies spend an inordinate amount of time on strategy (or only tactics) when a thorough structural analysis helps to alleviate the “noise in the system”.


Leadership Development:

Why do so many companies use a sheep-dip* approach to leadership development that rarely works (sheep dip* is when all of the sheep in a flock are treated with a literal dip in the treatment whether they need it or not) ? What processes and methodologies have proven successful?

Our approach is very experiential and hands-on. We believe in immersive, iterative design that is centered on what is needed and what will work. Leadership Development is a continuous learning process. Our foundational approach starts with knowing thyself, followed by knowing thy team and finally knowing thy business … each of the core sessions are designed for the business, with the business.

"Contrary to the opinion of many people, leaders are not born. Leaders are made, and they are made by effort and hard work." — Vince Lombardi


Team Effectiveness:

Why are some teams lackluster and unable to come together to achieve results? What secret ingredients make a truly excellent team?

Our approach, drawn from 25 years of experience, lasers in on the essence of successful teams: where psychological safety, inclusion, and engagement are abundant … though admittedly messy and imperfect as humans are. Using unique team-development processes, we draw upon world-class research and the finer elements of psychometrics to develop an approach which will achieve the right balance of the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. Our gift is the ability to see things that others do not see and to create a safe space to have the real conversations that are engaging and impactful.


Change Management & Organizational Transitions:

Why do so many change initiatives fail to achieve their intended outcomes? What does effective change management look like?

We help our clients discern the difference between organizational antibodies with a lack of clarity. Our focus is on activation and acceleration of change initiatives that build momentum throughout entire companies, focusing on every step of the process: i.e. onboarding new employees – especially integrating new leaders (saving months of time by getting the real stuff on the table), managing transitions, and building organizational agility & resilience.

Learning In A Briefcase

Imagine a leadership development program that takes you on a journey filled with mystery, intrigue and espionage. Where real life and fantasy cleverly come together as one. A program that challenges participants to think about how to operate strategically in an ambiguous environment. Welcome to Learning In A Briefcase…a development process that radically departs from traditional team learning. A program that plunges participants into a challenging crisis that they need to manage and resolve.

Learning in a Briefcase is a hallmark simulation from Operation Explore and a powerful opportunity to strengthen leadership skills. To develop problem solving skills. To learn from mistakes that won’t impact the bottom line. To explore the human potential. Intriguing and captivating, your team will experience accelerated learning about themselves and their colleagues. Call today and ask about LIAB!

The Consultancy Raid™

Ever wondered why the same old business challenges keep landing back on your desk?

Then ask us about our unique approach to organizational transformation: The Consultancy Raid™

Our approach involves employees from across the organization in a ‘real time’ problem solving challenge. It is fast, furious, ambiguous, and invigorating … building skills, engagement and shifting mindsets around openness and willingness to give and receive feedback and try new things that leads to dialogue and ultimately, solutions.

The key benefits of the ‘Raid’:

  • New Insights/Perspectives into persistent or existing challenges to your business. ‘Raid’ Teams are able to cut through fixed ways of thinking and cut to the heart of the issues, finding ground-breaking solutions quickly.
  • It is a combined approach that provides a developmental tool that builds capability and confidence whilst sense-making and solving real business challenges. Skills include: leading teams, project management, influence, presentation skills, communication, and giving and receiving feedback. Thus building organizational capacity for being open and transparent.
  • Employee engagement – The Consultancy Raid involves and energizes employees by encouraging curiosity about their thoughts and ideas. It draws in employees who don’t always have a voice.
  • Skills Building whilst Solving Real Business Challenges: Group Problem Solving, Decision Making, Group Process Skills, Teamwork, Giving & Receiving Feedback, Presentation Skills, Influence...

Some of the tools we use to assess and explore the human potential

DISC Personality


Identifying behavioral traits to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication.

Sapphire Award winner 2014, 2016, 2017

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)

The identification and description of the 16 distinctive personality types to indicate how people perceive the world and make decisions.

Hogan Assessments

Core Competencies for Emerging Leadership

Certified to leverage Hogan’s powerful assessment tools to solve critical business problems.

Denison Organizational Culture Survey

How aligned is your organizational culture?


Operation Explore Business Planning Questionnaire, Custom 360s based on Behavior and Values