25 years of

We’ll start off with
a bit about OURSELVES.

Operation Explore is a boutique, experiential organizational development company.

Operation Explore is celebrating 25 years of operation getting its start when Jeff Boyd was an internal consultant for Pratt & Whitney in the early 1990’s in West Palm Beach, Florida. He was invited to be a part of a leadership development program that was focused on transitioning the organization from a traditional, militaristic, hierarchical culture to a team-based organization.

The results included increased employee engagement, a greater sense of community and enrollment in the vision and process.

The process included Experiential Learning, Adult Learning and Organizational Development using a variety of tools, such as assessment tools and learning modules, in a very applied way.

Employees responded to the processes they put in place, and Jeff realized he wanted to bring these tools to other organizations. With a Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology and a love for challenge both physically and cognitively, Jeff found his calling. And so Operation Explore—exploring the human potential--was born.

As the word of mouth spread about OE’s innovative and cutting-edge programs, a team of gifted consultants was assembled. Soon they were working regularly with clients in utilities, manufacturing, banking, and pharmaceuticals, such as:

  • Florida Power & Light
  • United Technology
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Motorola
  • General Electric
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Bank of America
  • Pfizer
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Alcon Labs

Twenty-five years later, the OE team continues to enjoy success world-wide, having established a reputation for assessing, designing and implementing cutting-edge programs like ‘Catalyst for Change’, ‘Operation Everest’, and ‘Learning in a Briefcase’. Experiential and immersive programs that are results-oriented, make OE is the go-to organization for companies that are looking co-create a process to impact organizational transformation.

And so the Operation Explore journey continues…


Over the past twenty-five years there have been changes in the business landscape, changes in economics, changes in focus. Operation Explore understands that shift happens. We also understand that experiential learning is the way people learn and grow; that leaders can be created, that tools can identify needs in an organization. While adhering to our own values and mission, OE continues to guide organizational journeys worldwide. Time, tools, and process, together with innovation and flexibility, are needed to effect change. Operation Explore is poised to bring in the right consultants, the right skills and right tools to guide your organizational development journey.

Introspective from Jeff Boyd

Every organization reaches a point at which it requires assistance to meet its goals...to grow...and to improve. Quite often the attainment of those goals mandates a balance of traditional and non-traditional development processes.

Operation Explore is dedicated to enhancing the performance of individuals, teams and organizations. We have found that learning comes through experience, followed by a reflective period in which the events of the experience are extracted and appreciated. We explore the human potential. Just as ninety percent of an iceberg’s mass is below the surface of the water, human potential is often similarly concealed. Imagine the impact it would have on your company to have that potentiality uncovered—resulting in dramatic improvements in individual and departmental productivity.

A decade ago Operation Explore was planning a client “retreat” and decided to challenge the concept of “retreat”. Since “retreat” means to withdraw or pull back, we considered alternative terms. We suggested “surge” versus “retreat” and it has stuck to this day.

Ever since this initial meeting, Operation Explore has endeavored to convey the concept of a ‘surge’ in our process. As we celebrate 25 years of exploring the human potential, it was time to update the website and logo. Together with our new web designer, we got to work. We didn’t want to lose the compass from the old logo with a North cardinal point that provides a common focus. We also decided to include the surge of a wave and the power it embodies to move forward or upward. Hence our new logo was born, taking the power of surge and aligning it with a clear direction.

We guide organizations as they manage change, transitions, alignment, mergers, generational succession and culture shift.

Believing that actions speak louder than words, we offer an array of approaches for enhancing the human potential.