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2 Lessons From the Trail: COVID-19 Edition

In times like these, which are rife with uncertainty and fear, it can be rather difficult to keep one’s brain from becoming completely and utterly muddled. The novel coronavirus is rapidly changing the world as we know it—likely altering our goals, career paths, income, and motivation in general as it runs its calamitous course. Though it is highly difficult to remain calm when our reality is continuously mutating, embodying confidence and committing ourselves to our goals is more essential than ever. Here are some helpful tips from the trail to aid you on your journey through this bewildering moment in human history.

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Lesson 1: Focus on your line.

What is true in life is visceral on the trail...focus on the line you are riding, and not on any obstacles that you are currently facing. Instead of allowing yourself to feel defeated by the things that have hindered you along the way, devote energy to your momentum and make the active choice to keep moving forward. Focusing on your future and constantly reminding yourself of your future line is a great way to combat any uncertainty or lack of clarity that arises when you ruminate on potential obstructions.

It is imperative that you trust the line you pick as well—prepare yourself for instability and the unexpected as you are on your path. Expect bumpiness and anticipate how to react: sometimes your front tire makes it through, but your back tire slips out on a root. Resist a defeatist mindset by viewing these hardships as lessons which will ultimately enhance your performance.

Lesson 2: Anticipate!

It can be easy to get distracted with your thoughts while out on the trails, particularly in times so imbued with ambivalence. Allowing yourself to get lost in your thoughts and reflections is certainly important—but doing so while out riding can be dangerous if you lose focus. Preparing yourself for any potential obstructions and possible dangers is of paramount importance. Keep in mind that there is a fine line between anticipation and anxiety: take mental notice of possible hazards without letting them overtake all of your thoughts. A crucial aspect of anticipation is paying close attention to your line and all of the roots, rocks, and creatures that you encounter along the way. Be wary of the element of surprise and its ability to shatter momentum, and brace yourself for any number of outcomes. Lesson 2 is an essential component of Lesson 1: even if you’ve picked your line already, it does not mean that you’ve made it all the way through. Be cautious but confident—and never arrogant.

Constantly scan ahead on the trail—and in your life—and pay attention to that future vision. The other day, I was so lost in thought on the trail that I wasn’t looking ahead. I was startled when I came face to face with a utility vehicle in the middle of the path. By scanning ahead and anticipating your future lines, you may avoid surprises.

Use these reflections to fuel your own journey in this strange, perplexing time. What is your line for these next few weeks? Are you anticipating potential outcomes, both positive and negative? Don’t allow yourself to lose focus of what matters to you, and don’t forget to view past hardships as lessons you’ve learned along the way. It’s okay to look back, but don’t stare.

By Kierra Boyd, Operation Explore, Inc.

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